It’s not easy keeping on top of your bookkeeping when you’re single-handedly running a business.

You understandably want to focus on the tasks that bring the money in.

You’d rather forget about that company that owes you money, they’ll never pay up.

There are too many invoices to go through to see if everyone’s paid.

You’re sure you paid that supplier, but you’ll just pay them again as they’re hassling.

You get to year end and wonder how the hell the tax bill is that much?

I don’t need to tell you that keeping on top of your bookkeeping enables you to see, at any time, how the finances are. It helps to keep on top of creditors and also takes the headache out of year-end accounts, but where are you supposed to find the time when you’re doing everything else in the business?

I am based in Swindon, Wiltshire and work with clients all over the UK taking away their bookkeeping hassles. Clients send me their receipts, invoices and instructions via email!

AAT2 qualified (distinction) and supervised by HMRC for money laundering.

Bookkeepers do not replace the need for an accountant and you remain accountable for your own finances.

Cloud Based Bookkeeping Set Up

Using FreeAgent
  • Making Tax Digital is a key part of the government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs.
  • By having all your transactions online you’ll be able to reconcile so much more easily, and your accountant can also logon to see how things are whenever they need to.
  • Bank feed set up.
  • 30 minute handover call / FreeAgent run through, if required.
  • I recommend FreeAgent* and possibly ReceiptBank* too, depending on your outgoings. Prices vary between providers, but these are my favourite – they’re so easy to use – please check their websites for up-to-date subscription costs.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Cloud Based Accounting
From: £60/month
  • Profit and loss statements as required
  • Monthly reconciliation (matching all invoices and receipts to bank transactions)
  • Maintain log of expenses 
  • Chasing debtors (those who owe you money!)
  • The number of ‘monthly transactions’ (listed below) includes debits, credits and invoices you need raised.Bookkeeping Bookkeeper Swindon Wiltshire
How do I know how many transactions I'll have?

If you look through three months of bank statements, you can see how many outgoing and incoming transactions you had and find an average.

month 1 + month 2 + month 3 / 3 = average

Are any invoices I need you to raise considered 'transactions'?


So, if you have 20 invoices a month that need to be raised and 20 bank transactions (total of 40) then that would come under the £60 a month service.

What if I exceed the number of transactions one month?

Don’t worry, it happens. I won’t charge you more. 

If after a few months your transactions have considerably jumped to the next level we can have a chat.

Do I need to pay extra for my accounting software?


However, some banks do offer FreeAgent, and other accounting software, free if you have a business bank account with them.

There are also free accounting software packages out there, but be sure to check their terms to ensure your accounts are backed up if the system crashes.

How would I send you my receipts and invoices?

You can take a photo of them and email them to me, or upload them straight to your accounting software app.

So easy. Promise.

If I need an invoice raised, how long does that usually take?

All requests come through to me via email.

I usually allocate a day a week to work on client’s accounts and would raise any invoices on that day.

However, if one was urgent then I’d ask you to clearly label the request as such and would get it back to you in a couple of hours.

If the invoices are constantly ‘urgent’ we may need to talk about why and how we can work better at organisation.

How does the mileage log work?

You send me your miles and I add it to the section within your accounting system. I’d have previously set up the right calculations, in accordance with the direction on the website.

Why do you recommend FreeAgent?

I’ve used them for a few years now and have always been impressed with their customer service. That’s really important to me, when dealing with something so crucial for a business.

Here’s my 10% off code if you want to use FreeAgent too: 46dac370

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