Content Management

Are you blogging, vlogging or podcasting regularly? Then you post it online and leave it because, well, you don’t have time to be scheduling and posting it here, there and everywhere do you?. Or perhaps you send your new content out to your audience within 24 hours of creating it then nothing, it just sits there?

There’s so much more you could be doing with it to engage your existing and new audience, it’s evergreen content, it’s what reaffirms you’re the expert in your field.

You know that that’s why you do it, but I know you don’t have the time to be scheduling your posts, keeping tabs on what’s gone out where and when.

That’s what I am here for. Consider how long doing all of that would take you and multiply it by your hourly rate. I bet it’s a lot less than what I am charging, and of course while I get on with it you can be bringing in money elsewhere.

I’m a profit making machine as well as a huge asset to your business!

I’ll send your content to your newsletter audience, to your social media platforms, repurpose them on Medium and LinkedIn – when appropriate – share on YouTube, Pin it, Instagram it and I’ll also keep doing it. I can even produce, with the help of my team, subtitles for your videos and teaser clips!

£850 a month 

(Three month minimum contract then one month notice required after the initial three months.)

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