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Want know how to get the most out of LinkedIn for your business?

As business owners make the shift over to LinkedIn it’s suddenly dawning on us all that we might need to up our game.

It’s no longer just a place to let potential employers see your work history or for recruiters to send out their yawn inducing posts that start ‘My client is looking for….’

It’s now a place to

  • Build your audience
  • Engage with your audience
  • Get business advice
  • Offer business advice
  • Build your client base
  • Find clients
  • Sell
  • And, believe it or not, have fun!

But, it’s a busy plaform so you need to stand out, and like with anywhere that’s the place to be, it can feel daunting. So, my webinar will cover:

  • What to post and when
  • Reassurance that you won’t embarrass yourself
  • What’s LinkedIn appropriate
  • What you should have on your LinkedIn profile
  • Who you should connect with
  • Do you need a company page
  • Should you send personalised connection requests
  • What to do if you’re trolled?
  • Getting your profile to All Star status
  • How to nail your headline and summary

Join my webinar live on Wednesday, 21st November 2018 at 1900 (GMT) and I’ll cover all of that, as well as a Q&A session at the end.

Join live for just £20:

Can’t join live?

That’s okay, register today and I’ll send you the recording within 24 hours for you to listen and watch at your leisure.

Here’s a couple of stats I have had recently, which is why I am keen to share what I do with you, to help you enjoy the platform as much as I am.







During the hour webinar via Zoom (like Skype but reliable and also FREE), we’ll cover all of that and also have time for a Q&A at the end. It’s a small investment for a big platform, so I look forward to your joining me.

Ready? Register here:


Payment is taken via Stripe, like PayPal but they take less commission and they pay the money directly into my bank account. I’ve used them for a while now and they’re superb.


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