MailChimp Support / Newsletter Writing

You’ve got a MailChimp account and then… well that’s it.

You’ve got a lead magnet and then… same again?

You know you need to nurture your audience and continue to grow it, I don’t need to tell you that.

But as well as all of that you’ve got to run a business too. Phew! It might be time to outsource, what do you think?

I regularly get an open rate of between 45%-91% using MailChimp – a good open rate is 20.47% in the business and finance sector – and by getting to know your business we can achieve the same.

We need to talk to engage them regularly, remind them that you exist, what you do and how they can work with you – all while keeping the content interesting. Keeping people engaged isn’t easy, you don’t want to be sending out newsletters that never get opened, what’s the point in that?

Here’s how I can help:

Newsletter Creation

Writing and Sending
£60/per newsletter
  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or automated campaigns
  • Creating engaging subject lines to encourage open rates
  • Writing the content, or recommending changes to your own
  • Making recommendations for a complete overhaul to entice a new, relevant audience
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Teach Yourself

Two webinars
  • Teach yourself how to navigate confidently around Mailchimp
  • Understand the jargon
  • Create a sign up form
  • Create a template
  • Create your first newsletter
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I recently had a Power Hour with Catherine to refresh my knowledge on MailChimp, and for Catherine to check on my efforts and suggest ways I could improve. Catherine was professional, helpful and had some great insight into different methods I could try to grow my list. 

Jemima Willcox
Brand Headshot and Event Photographer 

That MailChimp Power Hour was so powerful and much needed. It really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of everything I can do.

Ros Try-Hane

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