How much work should you give a Virtual Assistant?

There will come a time when you’re ready to outsource some of those tasks that are better dealt with by somebody else, for whatever reason. But just how much do you need to accumulate before you can hand it over to a Virtual Assistant?

When I get a call or email enquiry from potential new clients it often includes one of the following statements:

We can grow together.

I’m afraid it won’t be much, to begin with.

Oh, you do bookkeeping too, well I might ask you to do that too in time.

I’m sorry it’s such a small task.

It’s okay, you don’t need to promise us future work or apologise for the size of the task to start working with a Virtual Assistant.

While I have worked with some of my clients since I started my business other clients come and go when their business is busy or they’re off on holiday, having a baby, hate the particular task, etc.

And that’s the beauty of working with a Virtual Assistant, it’s different to an employee. You won’t need to pay for and find 37.5 hours a week of work for us, you won’t need to promise us future work – we work with a variety of clients so the smaller ad-hoc tasks fit in perfectly with our retained clients.

It’s marvellous when we do grow with your business and become a part of your success, as I have with many of my clients, but if we only work together on an hours task once (my monthly minimum), you’re just as valuable to my business as anyone else and just as deserving of my time.

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