My diary is a nightmare

‘Oh I’d love to, but my diary is a nightmare.’

How many times have you said, or heard, that?

Running a business is a full time job, and of course you want to maximise every opportunity, every meeting and ensure the business is working for you 24/7, but we really do all need to clear our minds from time to time. Clarity of mind is a huge thing for me and I find it by running, it’s a time to unwind, process new things and to work out a plan. Here are a few tips I share with my clients to help them have some clarity, which I hope will help you too.


Clarity time

If you’ve got a ‘hectic week’ coming up, make sure you take the Friday before, or the Monday after, off! Unwind properly, do something you enjoy, have a treat and restore clarity of mind before heading back to the desk.

Try it – have a look at your calendar now, or get your VA to, and find those ‘hectic’ weeks and block out some ‘clarity time’



If you see something while scrolling on your phone, or iPad, that looks interesting, or jogs an idea for something to do, screenshot it.

Then, when you have a quieter moment you can go back through your screenshots and action them.

In fact screenshot this to remind you to do it! Do it!


Announce your Holiday

‘I’m going on holiday!’

Tell your clients in advance if you’re going to be away from the office for any significant period of time that might affect them.

That way; you won’t come back to any ‘urgent’ problems or disgruntled clients. They too can manage their time if you give them notice – win/win situation.


Post-Holiday Secret Day

Hopefully, if you’ve actioned point one above, you’ve got some time off coming up, and (if you’ve actioned point 3) you’re going to be telling your clients soon that you’ll be out of office.

Add another day to that email so you can secretly return to your desk and plough through the emails before the clients all start calling!


Get a VA!

Having a VA working with you allows you to offload the tasks you don’t want, or need, to do yourself. We immerse ourselves into your business and, as business owners ourselves, we know that reputation is key.

Having a VA you can call on means any period of absence is covered and client’s have someone to talk to other than your competitors!

I can recommend a couple, but this one’s pretty good: