Mailchimp Webinars


Did you open a Mailchimp account, have a look around and then just left it?

Perhaps you had grand ideas to grow a newsletter list and send regular emails to keep those potential clients warm, but it’s all seemed a little complicated?

Or maybe, you had all the motivation to be a regular newsletter sender but the Mailchimp jargon got in the way?

Whatever the reason, my pre-recorded webinars will help you fight through the jargon and fear, and get you confident to grow your audience and send newsletters without having a hot flush.


A recording of my pre-recorded webinars will be sent to you on completion of payment.

They are then yours for life.

Here’s what’s included:

Mailchimp Webinar One

  • Understanding the jargon, from Audience to Tags to Campaigns
  • How to create a list
  • How to create a standard sign up form
  • How to upload files and images
  • How to create a campaign
  • How to create a template
  • How to send your campaign

Mailchimp Webinar Two

  • How to set up tags and groups
  • How to send emails to tagged subscribers
  • How to create an automated sequence of emails
  • How to create a landing page in Mailchimp, but also why you might not need to
  • Merging Audiences


(If you’d like to work with me 1:1 on your Mailchimp please book a Power Hour)


‘I have just done Catherine’s Mailchimp webinars. I am a total novice with these things, and Catherine made it clear and easy to follow the steps.’
Sally Farrant

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