Hourly Rate

The perfect option if you know you need help on an ad hoc basis and when the demands of your life / business dictate.

£35 an hour



If you know you’ll be needing a set amount of hours every month, a specific task completed every month, or there’s a possibility any of your tasks will need my attention within three working days then a retainer package is your best option. You can retain my time, at £35 an hour, anything from an hour a month. 

£35 an hour

(hours cannot be carried over to the following month)

Mailchimp Support

Talking to a virtual audience is time consuming in itself, but then having to think of ways to engage them too, especially when you’re busy. Phew. It’s easier not to bother, isn’t it? No! You must keep your audience engaged, let them know you’re still there, what you do and how you can help them.

I support business owners with growing and engaging their audience and I can help you too.

From £45 to £99

Find out more here.

Fees are subject to a minimum charge of 1 hour. The hourly rate will be charged in increments of 30 minutes, rounded up to the nearest half hour.

I track my time and send you a time report with every invoice (not applicable for bookkeeping).

If a job involves a high level of expenditure on printing or any additional services (such as couriers or my own mileage) these will be outlined and agreed in advance and billed at cost.

To view my full terms and conditions click here.


What you don’t pay for:

Sick leave, holidays, pension, TAX, NI, software licenses, insurance, HMRC money laundering registration, equipment, overheads and tea bags!

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