How, What and When to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

You’ve seen others who mention they’ve got a VA helping them run their businesses efficiently. Uhuh, that’s what we do.

But where do you start? What do you outsource? Here is my free download on How, What and When to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

How to Write Newsletter Subject Headings That Get Opened 

You’ve got a mailing list, you have stuff to share with your audience, things to sell, but the blighters aren’t opening the emails.

Let’s change providers, it must be that.

It’s going into spam, right?

Might be, but it’s more likely the email subject headings aren’t attracting attention. 

My free download helps you think more about getting the first impression right, so your hard work actually gets acknowledged. You’ll love these tips – I should charge for them!

Oh wait, I do in more detail / 1:1 with my…

Email Marketing Power Hours

For £60, you and I will talk 1:1 via Zoom for an hour to overhaul your email marketing – from subject headers, to content, to sorting out your whole Mailchimp set up.

I’ll critique what’s happening now and what can change, with very easy to follow tips. My average open rate is over 60%, the industry average as listed by Mailchimp is 20.47%.

Mailchimp Webinars

I’ve pre-recorded two webinars to help you go from ‘Mailchimp account holder’ to ‘Mailchimp newsletter sender extraordinaire’. They have been incredibly well received and are yours for life once paid for.

They’re only £35 for the two.

Buy them here and they’ll be sent to you immediately.

Delegate VA - Virtual Assistant - Catherine Gladwyn

Catherine Gladwyn


‘You explain things so calmly and in a way I could easily follow. You make the complicated seem achievable. Quite a skill’

Paul Couchman, Regency Town House, Brighton

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