MailChimp Support
Newsletter Creation

  • Newsletter creation
  • Audience building
  • MailChimp set up
  • MailChimp Power Hour

The whole works to keep your audience engaged, up-to-date and interested

From £30. Find out more here.

  • Blog writing: £60 per article (350 words)


Admin and Marketing Support

Admin takes up a lot of any business owner’s time, but it doesn’t bring in the money. Outsourcing the jobs you loathe, or that take you away from building your business, are what I do:

  • e-course creation
  • Book promotion
  • General admin
  • WordPress website maintenance and editing
  • Research / project support
  • Competitor research
  • Editing and prettifying blog posts prior to publication
  • Document creation, editing and formatting (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Canva)

£30 per hour or monthly retainers. More info here.

  • Blog writing: £60 per article (350 words)

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